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Download : Office 2010 Primary Interop Assemblies (PIA) Redistributable

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How to: Install Office primary interop assemblies

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This guide shows how to activate Microsoft Office software with screenshots using the most recent MS Office release Office Preview. Office primary interop assemblies. 02/02/; 5 minutes to read Contributors. all; In this article. To use the features of a Microsoft Office application from an Office project, you must use the primary interop assembly (PIA) for the application.

I think you need to run to install the dlls. After I ran I can go to (VS ) Add References > Assemblies > Extensions and all of the case-vacanze-bologna-centro.comp dlls are there. Apr 13,  · One of my customer had created an add-in for Outlook and had included the Microsoft Office Primary Interop Assemblies Bootstrapper Package as part of his prerequisites for the machine on which the add-in was being installed on did not have the PIA’s for any of the Office product installed.

I had to import an older project ( 2) into Visual Studioit makes use of the Microsoft Primary Interop Assemblies. Visual Studio said that I. Microsoft Office Primary Interop Assemblies Redistributable The Microsoft Office Primary Interop Assemblies (PIA) Redistributable is a Microsoft Windows Installer package that contains the Primary Interop Assemblies for Microsoft Office products.

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