Microsoft lync 2013 case studies

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Microsoft Lync 2013: Cutting Costs and Helping Businesses Grow

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Lync 2013 Delivers Business Value

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The world’s leading luxury cruise provider, Crystal Cruises has turned to Modality Systems to design and deploy Microsoft Lync across its business, including its two luxury cruise ships.

Our Case Studies reflect some of these approaches. View Case Studies. Industries Internet, intranet, and mobile communications, Microsoft Lync (formerly known as Office Communications Server) enables you to leverage your current technology and can help your agency benefit from cost savings and improved productivity, collaboration.

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Case studies; Microsoft Lync ; Other Means of Keeping Connected ; What is Microsoft Lync? To this extent, Microsoft Lync (for which all staff members have the license to download on their personal devices) is the perfect solution.

Lync provides a host of benefits which can promote staff to work more flexibly by providing a. We specialize in helping small-to-mid-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and municipalities reduce their annual IT costs.

Microsoft lync 2013 case studies
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