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Hip Hop Writing with Us

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My name is John. The practice of ghostwriting is one of rap's biggest taboos, and yet many of its greatest hits were ghostwritten.

So who are Hip Hop's ghostwriters and what place do they have in a style of music. Ghostwriter for hire.

Joey Badass

The worlds number one Hip Hop ghostwriting service. The highest quality, cheapest prices. Ghostwriting has existed since the early days of hip-hop and is still going strong today, over three decades later.

For a fee, ghostwriters write lyrics for customers, whether mainstream names or aspiring underground emcees. Rap rhyme writing services & song lyrics writing: Stuck for a hook, flow, bars, structure or content, and you have a recording session or club date pending?

We are your behind-the-scenes hip-hop ghostwriter or traditional song lyrics writer. Ghostwriting has existed since the early days of hip-hop and is still going strong today, over three decades later.

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For a fee, ghostwriters write lyrics for customers, whether mainstream names or aspiring underground emcees. Pasadena rapper KStone has been working on his upcoming EP all Winter long.

And he was finally able to bless us with a treat: the official music video for "LIFES A GAMBLE" featuring Altadena's very own Major James.

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