Germany 1918 1939 notes

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Blockade of Germany (1939–1945)

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GCSE History Unit 2 - Germany 1918 - 1939

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The note sounding in circulation throughout Hollow War II. German coins and currency, including issues of the German Empire, Weimar Republic, Nazi, East Germany and Unified Germany.

- The Franks during the First World War. Otto Frank and his brothers are called up to fight on the Western Front for the German army. Their mother and sister volunteer to work in a Frankfurt military hospital.

Assumption regarding Germany’s speed, underestimation regarding Belgium and British resistance. Inflexible and unrealistic. German army not familiar with defensive warfare.5/5(7).

GCSE History Unit 2 - Germany 1918 - 1939

Germany Edexcel GCSE - Unit 2A, Germany Revision questions: 1. What do you need to do to get full marks in the 4 mark question? History UNIT 1- Germany 1. HistoryGermany from 2. ConstitutionProportional Representation There was a Large number of Parties so that meant no majority was met This lead to no decisions being madePresident Elected every 7 years Had the power of Article The Blockade of Germany (–), also known as the Economic War, was carried out during World War II by the United Kingdom and France in order to restrict the supplies of minerals, metals, food and textiles needed by Nazi Germany – and later Fascist Italy – in order to sustain their war efforts.

The economic war consisted mainly of a naval .

Germany 1918 1939 notes
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