Activist federal government

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The Return of Activist Government?

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What is an Activist?

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The Federal Government's Secret War on Black Activists

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Nov 29,  · The net improvement in the bottom line was mainly a result of delayed revenues from income and corporate taxes, assessed and collected by the federal government on behalf of the province. James, in briefing reporters, hastened to emphasize that the revenue windfall was from higher incomes last year, not the two increases in tax rates.

Feb 13,  · Audette again called on the Harper government to strike a national public inquiry. She also unveiled a petition with 23, names calling for the same.

Activist Policy

The petition included 4, names from federal public servants, said Audette. "To liberals, activist judges are judges who prevent the government from doing the things the Legislature wants to do." Many legal experts agree that accusations of judicial activism are nothing more than political name-calling, and that judges are supposed to interpret the law and rule according to their own interpretations.

The Resistance Manual is a way to democratize information about what the government is doing through a crowdsourced platform with fifteen federal policy areas, 50 state pages, and tons of.

Robert Pitofsky, activist Federal Trade Commission chairman, dies at Robert Pitofsky, a former chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, died Oct.

6 at “On the other hand, government. Claiming federal immigration officials are targeting people who speak out against government policies, three activist groups are suing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on First Amendment.

Activist federal government
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